A portrait of yourself you will love.

One of a kind portraits for individuals in the Portland / Vancouver Metroplex.

Easy Process

Feel Confident


Most people don't like how they look in photographs.

I get it.  Being in front of the camera can feel awkward.  It's too bad we let so many excuses get in the way of taking a moment to celebrate your own unique awesomeness:

  • Not sure what to wear?

  • Concerned you will not love your images?

  • Overwhelmed by all of the printing and sharing options?

I will be there to help you with all those issues, from initial consultation to selecting the best product to display your unique portraits.


If you have any trepidation or shyness about having your photo taken, Michael is the photographer for you! I honestly never thought I was beautiful until I came to Michael and saw the pictures he took of me. He has a wonderful way of making me feel comfortable in front of the camera, so accommodating and positive about all my ideas (even down to what temperature I want the studio to be!) It's like having the classic fashion photographer constantly saying "Gorgeous pose!" except you know he really means it, and somehow you're the gorgeous one! Plus, he's a genius with lighting and editing that brings out your skin tone and reveals the beautiful person inside of you. I love working with him, and he's so easy to coordinate with after the shoot for choosing photos and getting prints. I can't recommend Michael highly enough! I wish everyone could have a session with him.


Pre-edit which I’m in love with! Thank you to @michaelwellerphotography and his lovely wife Sandi! Not only for your amazing hard work but for welcoming me into your home and making me feel like family! This shoot was very therapeutic for me! I can’t thank you both enough! ❤️ ❤️


Love this photographer! He fuses photography fun with professionalism and a shooting environment that is highly productive, yet very relaxed.



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Click the button below to schedule a quick call so we discuss your goals for your session. I can help with ideas for wardrobe, makeup & location.



We will relax, and have fun.
I love to share real-time images throughout the session so you can feel confident that you look fabulous!



I'll help you choose your favorite images and walk you through the best options for sharing and designing your custom artwork.

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We are our own worst critics.

Too many people miss out on getting a self portrait because they are worried they won't look their best. 

Which is why we take so much pride in guiding you through the process from wardrobe to posing.

That way you feel your best and your portraits reflect that confidence.


What Next?

The next questions are how much will it cost, and when can you schedule a session.

I get it, trust me.  Not only do you want to leave with images you love, but it's important to print them, so they can be enjoyed for years to come.

To see my pricing and learn more about how I can help you not only capture this moment in time, but preserve the memories for the future click the link below.


As a portrait photographer for over twenty years, the best part of my job is capturing my clients' unique look and personality in portraits that they love and are proud to share.

Additionally, I take pride in simplifying the process of helping you choose the best ways to showcase your portraits… instead of leaving you with just a thumb drive of images that collects dust in a drawer.

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